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Dr. Peter Krabman

Providing clinical and medicolegal child, adolescent and family psychiatry services.

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Specialising in clinical and medicolegal child and adolescent psychiatry, Dr Peter Krabman has over 15 years experience helping children, parents and families.

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Clinical Work

Dr Krabman has strong clinical skills and experience with a wide range of presentations in children, adolescents and parents, in family, school and community contexts.

His expertise is in clinical assessment, treatment planning, family therapy, individual therapies, and medication management.

Dr Krabman values the opportunity to collaborate with other involved clinicians.

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Expert Reports

Dr Krabman provides expert reports in family law parenting matters, usually as the court-appointed single expert.

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Critique of Expert Reports

Dr Krabman is willing to review and to critique ‘Family Reports’ or ‘Expert Reports’ that have been prepared by other clinicians.

This service is usually requested by the legal representative of one party in the matter, with feedback provided by teleconference, sometimes proceeding to a written report.

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Professional Supervision/Consultation

Dr Krabman provides both individual and small group supervision, to clinicians and to colleagues preparing family reports or single expert reports.

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Dr Krabman is an engaging speaker, with extensive experience in providing both keynote presentations and interactive presentations/ workshops, in clinical, family law, child protection and education contexts.

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About Us

Dr. Krabman qualified first as a medical doctor, and then worked in hospitals as an intern/ resident for two years, then as a general practitioner, occupational physician and military physician within the Royal Australian Air Force for five years. It was during this time that he developed a keen interest in psychiatry, and completed his PhD in psychological medicine.



Bookings/ enquiries

To book an appointment or make an enquiry about a clinical or medicolegal matter, call 0403144003, Tuesdays to Thursdays, business hours.

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