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Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatry

Dr Krabman is a psychiatrist. For more information about Dr Krabman’s profession of psychiatry see What’s a Psychiatrist?, and How a Psychiatrist Can Help Your Child.

Dr Krabman has strong clinical skills and experience with a wide range of presentations in children, adolescents and parents.

Dr Krabman takes a biopsychosocial approach to assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and young people, providing that assessment and treatment to individuals, in a family context.

Dr Krabman is skilled in the provision of family therapy, dyadic (parent/child) therapy, individual therapy, and medication treatments.

Dr Krabman values the opportunity to collaborate with other involved clinicians.

Read more about Dr Krabman’s approach to the assessment and treatment of one common childhood presentation (behavioural problems) in this article that he wrote with his colleague Cybele Dey for the “Australian Doctor” magazine in 2010.

If you are interested in bringing your child to see Dr Krabman, or in seeing Dr Krabman yourself, please call the practice manager on 0403 144 003 during office hours (Tue to Thur 9 – 5:30).

Sometimes our books will be closed to new patients. Typically, we only take on new patients who are aged 18 or younger.


The practice manager will inform you of Dr Krabman’s current fee schedule. Fees for consultations need to be paid at the time of the appointment.

If you and your child are eligible for Medicare and have a valid GP referral, Medicare will refund part of your fee. The amount you receive from Medicare will depend on the type of appointment, and how long the appointment is.

The Medicare Safety Net provides extra rebates once you or your family’s out-of-pocket medical costs reach $470 in a calendar year.

The Extended Medicare Safety Net provides more rebates on top of the standard Safety Net. If have a concession card or receive Family Tax Benefit A, you qualify when you or your family’s out-of-pocket medical costs reach $680.70. For people who don’t have a concession card, the threshold is $2133. See More about Medicare Safety Nets.

Expert Reports

Dr Krabman has been providing single expert reports in family law matters since 2010.

He brings his strong clinical skills to his preparation of these reports, providing expert assessment of mental health, substance misuse or personality difficulties in family members, and comprehensive, evidence-based and realistic treatment recommendations.

Dr Krabman has a depth of knowledge about the dynamics of couple conflict including high conflict separation, family violence, child abuse and neglect, alienation/ estrangement from a parent, parental substance abuse/ mental illness, and special needs children, rather than a particular expertise/ focus in one of these domains.

Dr Krabman deliberately engages with an assessment with no presumptions, remaining open to all hypotheses. He seeks to respect, engage with and properly understand the experience and perspective of each parent and each child.

Dr Krabman shows attention to detail, in review of information from all sources, and in assessment and provision of recommendations.

Critique of Expert Reports

A strength of the ‘Single Expert’ and ‘Family report’ processes are that the parties get the benefit of one neutral expert, rather than one or more such experts commissioned by one or the other party.

But, when a parent is distressed or confused by the opinion and recommendations of this ‘Single Expert’, or feels that the expert has ‘got it wrong’, where can they turn?

Dr Krabman supports the right of such a parent to have another expert review and critique a ‘Family Report’ or ‘Expert Report’.

Dr Krabman is willing to review and to critique ‘Family Reports’ or ‘Expert Reports’ that have been prepared by other clinicians.

This service is usually requested by the legal representative of one party in the matter, with Dr Krabman then providing feedback by teleconference, sometimes proceeding to a written report.

Professional Supervision/ consultation

Dr Krabman provides both individual and small group supervision, to clinicians and to colleagues preparing family reports or single expert reports.

Dr Krabman has experience in provision of group supervision/ consultation to clinicians and educators from a range of specific or mixed professions and levels of training/ education, including in the contexts of community child and adolescent mental health, specialist residential child and adolescent mental health, special education in support class and mainstream settings, residential alcohol rehabilitation, and of family law (family consultants undertaking Child Inclusive Conferences and Family Reports).


Dr Krabman is an engaging speaker, with extensive experience in providing both keynote presentations and interactive presentations/ workshops, in clinical, family law, child protection and education contexts.

Presentations and workshops provided by Dr Krabman in recent years are listed in his Curriculum Vitae, which can be downloaded here.